excerpt from Chapter One of the prelude book for the screenplay, “Throne of Destiny–Throne of Palms” written by Marc Blake

Merzan and Matahina’s wedding brought Merzan’s mother, father and little sister, Geneviève, to Mo’ore’a. It was a few days after the wedding celebration that, unexpectedly, the child Geneviève was crowned the Princess Mohea during a sacred ceremony on the night of the Crescent Moon.

When this happened those many years ago, Geneviève, who had just lived every little girl’s fantasy, did not realize what was being set into motion. Even so, her instincts and wise mind kept her focused. Geneviève was very brave, strong-minded, and this prepared her well to accept and follow her fate.

Morning Glories by Diana Martinez

The purple morning glories with its yellow star
Climbed the black wire fence.
The black wire fence that was dumped
in the alleyway where my father found it
and nailed it to the front of the house.
It was framed by the thick green leaves
and purplish flowers that closed at night.

Each night, the fragrance of the morning glories would come and scent the air.
It wasn’t sweet like the star jasmine on the other side of the house.
Or as lovely as the white delicate magnolia blossoms
whose petals would brown at the slightest touch.

But the morning glories did their own dance.
It would twist itself to sleep, closing its soft purple petals
Into a tight spiral, keeping out the night.
Before I could wake the next morning
and see them unfurl their purple petals,
they would open
as if they were never closed.

Roosevelt School of the Arts PA Singers performing “Words” – Richard Woods, Director

Weeds by Dan Kittle

Weeds by Dan Kittle